The regional node of Neurocenter Finland in Western Finland operates under  Turku Brain and Mind Center  . Turku Brain and Mind Center (TBMC) was founded in 2011 and it gathers more than twenty research groups from various fields of Neuroscience in Turku. TBMC researchers work in multi-disciplinary teams to explore the mechanisms underlying brain function in health and disease. TBMC organizes Neuroscience education at the University of Turku, including a Master’s Degree program in Human Neuroscience.

The Neuroscience field in Turku covers a wide range of disciplines, such as clinical neurosciences, psychiatry, nuclear medicine, anesthesiology, clinical pharmacology, clinical neurophysiology, psychology and logopedics. Research topics include brain development, cognitive processes, emotions, consciousness, visual perception, sleep, music in neurology, obesity, psychotic disorders, addictions, neurodegenerative disorders, neuroimmunology, neurotraumatology, neuropathic pain and brain stimulation.

Turku is one of the leading research centers in Biomedical Imaging in Europe. Turku PET Center  is a Finnish National Research Institute for PET imaging. Turku PET Center hosts a radiochemistry department dedicated for radiotracer development and production, and several state-of-the-art PET scanners, including a PET-MRI and a whole-body PET scanner (Quadra) which will be installed in 2022. Turku University Hospital and University of Turku host several MRI scanners, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) devices, and the only navigated TMS device with robotic targeting system in the Nordic countries. In addition, a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound device for the brain and Neurological indications (Neuro-HIFU) will be installed in 2022, also first in Scandinavia and Baltic countries.