Introducing Professor, Chief Physicist Mika Teräs – a leading force behind state-of-the art technology in Turku PET centre

Professor Mika Teräs is a recognized professional, whose titles hide a nice and easy-to-meet person. Mika has been involved with Turku PET centre since the very beginning of the story. During his... Read more


Introducing Collegium Researcher, Adjunct Professor Jetro Tuulari

Collegium Researcher Jetro Tuulari, Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, is a Principal Investigator of the FinnBrain Neuroimaging lab. As a young student from Lapua, he ended up in the Turku... Read more


Auria Biobank – samples and data for biomedical research

Have you wondered where to get samples of human origin combined with the clinical data from the specialized hospital care for your research? Would you like to have samples or clinical data based on a... Read more


Introducing Adjunct Professor Merja Soilu-Hänninen, General Neurology Section Head at Turku University Central Hospital

Adjunct Professor Merja Soilu-Hänninen is a long-standing professional in the research and treatment of MS. Merja’s interest in MS was sparked as a young doctor. “My first job in neurology... Read more


Introducing Linnea Karlsson, Specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, Associate Professor at the Centre for Population Health Research

Linnea Karlsson has had a successful career as a specialist and researcher in child and adolescent psychiatry. She is currently an associate professor at the Centre for Population Health Research,... Read more


Introducing Ilkka Paatero, Head of Zebrafish Facility at Turku Bioscience

From acquarium to brain: the importance of zebrafish models in modern neuroscience research Zebrafish are low-cost, fast and versatile models in biomedical research. First zebrafish lab was... Read more


Introducing Psychology Researchers: Professor Antti Revonsuo and Adjunct Professor Katja Valli – Our mind acts as a simulator

Pioneering multidisciplinary research in cognitive neuroscience has long been conducted in Turku. In the early 1990s, a cognitive neuroscience research centre was established in Turku, where Antti... Read more


Introducing Professor of Pulmonary Diseases, Tarja Saaresranta

Tarja Saaresranta is a newly appointed Professor of Pulmonary Diseases at the University of Turku. She also works as a head of the department at the Department of Pulmonary Diseases at the Turku... Read more


Introducing Neurofibromatosis research group: Professor Juha Peltonen, and Adjunct Professor Sirkku Peltonen

Juha and Sirkku Peltonen are a couple with similar passion in mind. The couple have studied most of their career a rare nervous system disorder called neurofibromatosis. They have together covered a... Read more


Introducing Matti Sillanpää – Professor Emeritus of Child Neurology and Honorary Chairman of Finnish Epilepsy Association

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTORS TO THE FIELD OF CHILD NEUROLOGY Honorary Chairman of the Finnish Epilepsy Society, Finnish Epilepsy Association and Epilepsy Research Foundation, Professor... Read more