Introducing Olli Tenovuo, Professor of Neurotraumatology at the University of Turku

Pioneering work in the field of Neurotraumatology Professor Olli Tenovuo is an experienced researcher and neurotraumatologist at the University of Turku and Turku University Hospital. Since 1996 he... Read more


Introducing Psychology Professor Matti Laine – pioneering work in Finnish neuropsychology

Matti Laine has been involved in cognitive neuroscience research in Turku since the very beginning, and he contributed to conceiving the Turku Brain & Mind Center. Matti's specialty is clinical... Read more


News from Anesthesia Mechanisms reserch group

Anesthesiologist Annalotta Scheinin defended her PhD dissertation entitled: “Probing the (Un)Conscious Brain - Electroencephalogram and Positron Emission Tomography Studies on Healthy Human... Read more


Introducing Satu Jääskeläinen, Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology and Director of the Division of Medical Imaging

Clinical Neurophysiology as an Aid in Pain Diagnosis and Treatment Satu Jääskeläinen works as the head of the department of Clinical neurophysiology of Turku University Central Hospital and as... Read more


Introducing Innovation Services at University of Turku

Research at universities continuously leads to a multitude of significant research results as well as inventions. However, the majority of these are published before their protection possibilities... Read more


Dystonia research in Finland and globally

In the beginning of the summer, we were able to meet two movement disorder researchers, Associate Professor Juho Joutsa from the University of Turku, and Dr. Daniel Corp from Deakin University in... Read more


Introducing Professor, Chief Physicist Mika Teräs – a leading force behind state-of-the art technology in Turku PET centre

Professor Mika Teräs is a recognized professional, whose titles hide a nice and easy-to-meet person. Mika has been involved with Turku PET centre since the very beginning of the story. During his... Read more


Introducing Collegium Researcher, Adjunct Professor Jetro Tuulari

Collegium Researcher Jetro Tuulari, Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, is a Principal Investigator of the FinnBrain Neuroimaging lab. As a young student from Lapua, he ended up in the Turku... Read more


Auria Biobank – samples and data for biomedical research

Have you wondered where to get samples of human origin combined with the clinical data from the specialized hospital care for your research? Would you like to have samples or clinical data based on a... Read more


Introducing Adjunct Professor Merja Soilu-Hänninen, General Neurology Section Head at Turku University Central Hospital

Adjunct Professor Merja Soilu-Hänninen is a long-standing professional in the research and treatment of MS. Merja’s interest in MS was sparked as a young doctor. “My first job in neurology... Read more